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How much time you give to Scouting in Reivers District is up to you! You can give as much, or as little, as you like.

You can join us on our adventure whether you want to be a recognised Scout Leader, a volunteer or a regular time-sharer. Or you may only have the time to be an occasional helper or a one-off fundraiser. It doesn’t matter, as long as you have some time to make a difference.

We appreciate that people have busy lives. So, you don’t need to attend every meeting. And if things change, there’s no pressure to continue any longer than you want to. We just want you and young people to make the most of your time whilst you’re with us.

Hours to Suit Your Lifestyle

Flexible volunteering applies to all roles and levels, whether you’re new to Scouting or have some experience. It’s an opportunity for adults to help girls and boys enjoy Scouting whilst fitting it around their skills, availability and circumstances. You just need to be able to bring some of your time, some of your skills, and some of yourself to Scouting.

One-off Contributions

Our Challenge Events offer you the chance to contribute to the development and growth of Scouting at a local level through an amazing activity. Taking place throughout the year, our Challenge Events enable you to go on your own personal adventure to raise money for the Scouts. You could run a sponsored marathon. You could parachute out of a plane. Or you could abseil down a tall building. It’s a great way to challenge yourself and raise funds.

Scout Active Support

Scout Active Support is a way for adults to volunteer some time to Scouting in a flexible way that suits them. Keen climber? We can arrange authorisations and equipment; then you could help teach Scouts to climb even if it’s only twice a year. Enjoy Mountain Biking, Kayaking, or have a skill or hobby, or even just a few hours spare. There are roles for everyone at a commitment that suits you.

Occasional Helpers

Many local groups are desperate for more adults to support the growing number of young people joining the fun, adventure and challenge of modern Scouting. Can’t make a weekly commitment? No problem, come and help on a totally flexible basis to fit around your lifestyle. Help out when you can, and it won’t only be the kids who have a great time!

Behind the Scenes

You may not realise that as well as leaders Scouting needs further adult support. There are plenty of opportunities including; supporting or managing volunteers, providing specialist support, such as in fundraising, training or media relations, managing events, or looking after the administrative side of Scouting as a Group chairman, secretary of treasurer. No matter what you are interested in or what skills you wish to develop, there is a role for you.

However much or little time you can give – just imagine the adventure!