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We’ve a huge range of roles to suit everyone. And whatever role you choose, we’ll make sure you’re properly trained and supported.

You don’t need any Scouting experience. You won’t have to wear a uniform. And we’re sure you’ll be brilliant doing all kinds of amazing things from growing gardens and transforming Scout huts to simply making some drinks or helping out with the finances.

Volunteering for Scouting in Reivers District is easy to do and there are plenty of ways in which you can help out. Within the scout sections, there are a number of adult leadership roles, with associated support roles:

  • Beaver Scout Leader
  • Assistant Beaver Scout Leader
  • Colony Assistant

  • Cub Scout Leader
  • Assistant Cub Scout Leader
  • Pack Assistant

  • Scout Leader
  • Assistant Scout Leader
  • Troop Assistant

  • Explorer Scout Leader
  • Assistant Explorer Scout Leader
  • Troop Assistant

  • Secetary
  • Treasurer
  • Chairman
  • Committee¬†Member
  • Occasional Helper