Black Lyne Cottage

The Cottage

Black Lyne Cottage (or Bothy) is leased from Forest Enterprise Ltd. by Reivers Scout District and is managed on their behalf by Bewcastle Scout Group. It can accomodate 12 young people plus their leaders and there is also some limited rough camping outside.

This little cottage was an 18th century small-holding where the farmer was employed as a shepherd to a larger farm nearby. It would have been only two rooms, a communal room which is now our living room and a bedroom which is now the kitchen. The outbuildings would have been a pig-sty, a cowshed and a stable

The cottage is situated on the Scottish border at grid reference NY545815 (maps OL42, E324 or Landranger 79). It is just over two miles along the forest track from the gate just south of Cuddy’s Picnic Site (NY521806) on the minor road from Roadhead to Newcastleton off the B6318.

The Forest

Black Lyne Cottage is in Kershope Forest, part of the Border Forest, the largest in Europe. There are miles of tracks forImage removed.walking and cycling, so do beware of getting lost! Kielder Water is about 12 miles over the hill and Christianbury Crag is on the tops about 1½ miles away.

It is an active forest, so you may see logging operations in the vicinity, tree plantings and you may even have the chance to meet the foresters or the wildlife conservation officer.

Terms of Hire

  • Please take care inside. The roof is new because the old one burnt off in a fire in recent years. This means that there must be no candles or other naked flames in the sleeping loft!
  • Clean up as you go, mice are always around to enjoy your food whether you are there or not! Take unused food and rubbish away with you. Chemical toilet waste and fire ash should be buried well away from the cottage according to scouting principles.
  • The water from the sykes or the river must be boiled before drinking, even then it can stay pretty brown! There is a spring of clear water issuing from the bank below the forest about 150 metres downstream and about 5 metres after the syke that runs out of the forest.
  • If notices are posted on the tracks, please follow their directions, move carefully and announce yourselves to any forester working in the area. He will watch out to allow you to go past in safety. Do not go amongst the trees in these areas, stay on the tracks.
  • Please don’t damage growing trees. Any lying timber can be taken for fuel for the cottage stove; but don’t light fires outside as the grass can get very dry and can be a huge fire risk.


If you want to take advantage of all that is here, where wildlife abounds and, if you have the patience to look for it, relics of past settlements hidden amongst the moors and valleys then please complete the following form and we’ll get in touch with you.