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Title Cub Scout Leader
Role Cubs are the most exciting age, enjoying all the fun, outdoor challenge and friendship of Scouting

Cubs make up our largest numbers in Reivers out of all the sections. the 8 to ten year olds really enjoy the experience, the range of activity badges and the Cub Scout Challenge Badges that most groups work through as their core programme.

Camping is very definitely part of the Cub Scout programme and while the same 6 programme areas throughout Scouting are retained (Beliefs and Attitudes; Global; Creative; Fitness; Community; Outdoor & Adventure), we build on the Outdoor and Adventure area with an Outdoor Plus Challenge area.

As a Cub Leader you will be part of a small team that develops, implements and reviews weekly activities which contribute towards the development of the young people and their Scouting experience.

Cub Scout Leader

Group Name Dalston; 1st Border
Address Rec Hall Dalston; St Peter
Hours per month 8
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